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About our Roleystone Studio


directions to Roleystone StudioThe lovely, picturesque surroundings of Roleystone, with a view of the countryside from a large bay window make for a perfect and relaxing setting to hold our classes.   We hold both the art workshops and the Life Coaching at our Rolyestone Studio. 

It is becoming more and more evident that the creative side of individuals help them discover who they are and knowing this creates momentum within themselves to behave according to their nature.

In our art workshops, members are encouraged to move from left brain way of thinking to right brain. and then back again. 

Weve embraced this concept of accelerated learning (whole brain thinking) because its even more effective as it employs the strength of both the left and the right sides of the brain.

We teach you how to do this as it improves both the quality of your life individually as well as the overall effectiveness in the workplace. 

Students will be encouraged to paint canvases as reflection, motivation and inspiration for their lives using their individual values and beliefs. The painting of masks could be included as well (depending on day).

You can find the studio at
39 Tyers Rd, Roleystone Western Australia.


Roleystone Studio - Art lessons

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