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What is Creative Life Coaching?
Many people are drawn to Life Coaching as they feel their life is out of balance or they are ready to change their life but need help setting some workable goals to achieve this.  Creative Life Coaching can help people to get to know themselves and what they really want and how to move forward with their lives.

The coaching is a positive process involving a series of face to face or online coaching sessions between the coach and client.  Usually in one or more of the following areas:

Would you like to:

Eliminate stress?Increase your income?
Improve relationships?Stop procrastination?
Become healthier?Have more free time to do the things you've been putting off?

Is Creative  Life Coaching the same as Therapy?

Life Coaching is not the same as Therapy but can be useful to look back into a client's past but the main focus is on today and the future.

How can Creative Life Coaching benefit me?

I can help you identify your goals and then as your coach I will guide you in putting together an action plan to free up time to help you reach your goals.  

How many Creative Life Coaching sessions would I need?
Usually between 4-8 sessions are required.  As a rule, the client needs the space and time to explore and develop their attitudes, values and beliefs while identifying and moving towards the life changes they are seeking.  These sessions will be held in a safe, secure environment.

Why did you become a Creative Life Coach?
My journey started In 2002 when  I had a car accident which injured my shoulder and hand and although they healed I fell into a dark hole of depression which led to me seeing a life coach. I was encouraged to find the thing that I really wanted to do with my life – the thing that would make me happy. It came down to Art and once I started to paint I haven’t stopped..... I use acrylic paints as I find they are very forgiving and easy to use which you can use to your advantage. I also like to use a mixture of different surfaces to paint on such as canvas, linen, poly filla (the stuff you fill holes in your walls with). I am also fond of using pastels and different tools such as rollers and sponges to create that unique piece of art. Usually a colour will set me off as I rarely set out with something on mind as I find it changes several times just as life does.  

y life has now taken another turn as I become a Creative Life Coach myself.  Along with my ArtI find the two are working extremely well together and I hope to be able to help and teach people how to make the most of the opportunities that come their way as well as setting and reaching new goals...and of course having a fun along the way!

Contact me today for further information about my Creative Life Coaching sessions and consider signing up to my mailing list to keep updated on my latest workshops and art shows.  As a thank you, you will receive a free copy of 5 Ways To Success.

 Creative Coaching Packages

 Package 1

* 1 x hour one on one Lifestyle Coaching.

Homework: Achievable goal setting plus 1 x follow up phone call/email.
Investment: $90 per hour
 Package 2
* 4 x 1 hour one on one sessions. 4 x 5 min weekly follow up phone calls/emails.

Homework:Getting started on Journalling,art class
Investment: $300 (saving of $60)
 Package 3
Personal Online Creative Coaching - either skype, email or phone

*  A formal one-on-one coaching session is held through Skype once a month.

*  All 'homework' and excercises that come out of the one-on-one session are provided to 
   you by email and returned (if necessary) by email.Getting started on Journallnig

*  Further excercises can then occur during the month that lead on from the returned 

*  A telephone conversation and email contact during the month is included as well to clarify points, touch 
   base and keep the coachee on track.

*  A monthly investment of $155 provides you with all the above mentioned value.
Investment: $155

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