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Jackie Hoeksema - Artist and Owner of Topaze Designs

Art Workshops and Lifestyle Coaching
Jackie has always had a love of colour and feels she can express this well in her artwork. She holds
Abstract Art Workshops in her home studio in Roleystone where she loves showing people how to paint using a variety of textures and tools which lead to wonderful and creative ideas. The atmosphere is relaxed, there is no pressure and nothing to be scared about as there is no wrong when it comes to abstract art and there is always plenty of fun and laughter.  At the end of all the fun the students get to take home a completed piece of art.

Art has changed Jackie's life dramatically resulting in a calmer and more understanding person. Jackie has also met many wonderful people throughout her journey and well as  having the opportunity to start her own art business, exhibit her art and share her love of colour and painting with others.  Jackie has also created a collection of original artwork thank you cards and puzzles".

Why did you become a Lifestyle Coach?
I was discovering that during my art classes, my students seemed to open up and talk about all sorts of things as they painted and the classes were becoming more like ‘Art Therapy’. People seemed to find it easy to open up as they painted, feeling that the studio was a safe,  nonjudmental place.  This led me to thinking that I could use the two elements together or separately, so for me it was that easy and I now offer Life Coaching Session as well as Art Workshops and am looking forward to both of my businesses growing.

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Lifestyle Coaching, Perth
y life has now taken another turn as I become a Life Coach myself.  Along with my Art, I find the two are working extremely well together and I hope to be able to help and teach people how to make the most of the opportunities that come their way as well as setting and reaching new goals...and of course having a fun along the way!

Contact me today for further information about my Lifestyle Coaching sessions and consider signing up to my mailing list to keep updated on my latest workshops and art shows.  As a thank you, you will receive a free copy of 10 Ways To Success.

What made you start painting?
Topaze Art came about after a car accident that left me in a lot of pain and unfortunately lead me to that dark place called depression.  I needed a life change but didn't really know how to go about making a change or even what it was that I wanted.  My daughter suggested that I try seeing a Life Coach and after all, I had nothing to lose.  I did this and over the following months she helped me discover what I really wanted to do and to discover "ME" which lead me to interior decorating and also to the realisation that I could create my own paintings for my future customers.  This turned out to be a good idea and guess what, the art turned into its own business, Topaze Designs from where I now hold
Art Workshops and Lifestyle Coaching.

Why Abstract Art?
For me, it's all about colour! This leads you to all sorts of wonderful and creative ideas. I've found that abstract art is easy for students to cope with.

What materials do you use?
I use acrylic paints as I find they are very forgiving and easy to use which you can use to your advantage. I also like to use a mixture of different surfaces to paint on such as canvas, masks and linen. I am also fond of using pastels and different tools to create that unique piece of art. 

Topaze Lifestyle VideoWhat does your workshop offer that others don't?
The workshops are mainly conducted in my home studio in Roleystone. The atmosphere is relaxed, there is no pressure, and there is always lots of fun and laughter!  And at the end of all the fun the students get to take home a completed piece of art.

What is the first thing you tell people who are scared to paint?
There is nothing to be scared about, there is no wrong when it comes to abstract art.

Can anyone paint?
They just need to have a go!  Plus, there is plenty of support during the workshops.

Where do you hold your workshops?
I'm lucky to have a studio in my home in Roleystone.

How does art make you feel?
Art has changed my life dramatically.  I am a calmer, more understanding person.  I've had the great opportunity to start my own business, exhibit my art and share my love of colour and painting with others.  I have also met many wonderful people along my journey.

Jackie Hoeksema - Exhibitions

Solo Exhibitionscorporate art workshops Perth, Western Australia
2007  Roleystone, Topaze Studio, 39 Tyers Road, Roleystone
2007  Roleystone Family Centre

Group Exhibitions
2007  Roleystone Hall
2007  Swan House Heathcote Applecross
2008  Kitchen Building Heathcote Applecross
2008  the blend(er) gallery, Joondalup

Handmade Art & Craft Exhibition/Group Exhibition
2009  10th July - Miacafe, 905 Beaufort Street, Inglewood

In Perspective
2009  10th July - Miacafe, 905 Beaufort Street, Inglewood

Abstraction - Group Exhibition
2009  20th August - My Headquarters, 116 Edward Street, Perth

Celebration - Group Exhibition
2009  10th December - My Headquarters, 116 Edward Street, Perth

Teacher and Students Exhibition
2008   the blend(er) gallery, Joondalup
2010   7th August - Genesis in the Hills, Croydon Road, Roleystone
2011   1st July - Genesis in the Hills, Croydon Road, Roleystone

2011   26th February - Roleystone Family Centre



Perth Art Classes, Workshops & Lifestyle Coaching